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Last updated :- 13 july 2018

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We use many advertising networks on our website which serve many ads and there are chances that they may serve adult or gambling ads.By continue you agree that they did not disturb you.

There are chances of spelling mistakes. by continue you agree that you did not get disturb from them

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As we use many third party applications on our website and we do not know what cookies they use, what are their policies and terms but if you continue to use our website then you give them all permissions that they require from you.

We have removed some links from home page owing to some technical problems we are trying to solve them and they will be fix at the earliest. by continue you agree that you are using this website on your behalf and nobody encouraged you to use this website

We can update our website terms and conditions at any time so it is your responsibilty to check them often what changes come to our website terms.

what is more, at the moment we have no SSL certificate so we reccommend you to not enter any sensitive information like :- atm card information or its any number by which there are chances of being trick by attackers

when you visit our website you reach our home page or index first where we add some quotes/thoughts. If any of them hurt you please tell us immediately by contacting us

technical details (may change at any time)

some technical details about our website

Connection not encrypted

The website statustown.com doesnot support any encryption for any of its page

Information sent over the internet without encryption can be seen by other people while it is in transit



text encoding




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Standards compliance mode

Some other important points to remember while exploring our website or using our website

There are chances that you may see some pages with displaying message (will be updated soon), Actually, few days back we have removed our some content due to change it entirely. We are in try to fix them at the earliest.

if anything happens on our website by which your privacy will be at risk then in that situation you will be entirely responsible for that matter.

if you do not accept or do not want to accept our above mention or given terms and conditions, policies and use of cookies then we suggest you that you may leave our website immediately.

if you need any help then please feel free to contact us at :- js7564491@gmail.com

we recently added click to verify i am human, we would like to tell you/everyone that by clicking on that link no body can be proven in real that it was human or robot. actually at the momnet no captcha or other technique was enable on our website to stop spam. so we would like to tell you that please do not enter any sensitive information on our website by which you become target of attackers or it become easy to trick you by attackers. lastly we only wish to say you that if you feel or see anything that leads to hack or similar activity/activities please contact us as soon as possible at :- js7564491@gmail.com

Some pages does not have title tag if you get confuse from them. then in that case please exit the website immediately

We design our website according to the desktop so there are chances that in mobile or some other devices users may does not get that experience which is possible in desktop.

you also contact us via contact us page contact us

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