My soul had felt so connected to you the moment I saw you. It’s because we were destined to be together. Happy birthday, baby!

Beautiful, pretty and hot. Happy birthday to the girlfriend who I love a lot.

I have got the best birthday gift for you, but it is worthless as compared to my love for you. Happy birthday.

On this special day, I wanna say something, “I can’t think a single moment without you, and I love you so much”. My soul mate, happy birthday!

Happy birthday to the best girlfriend in the world! So lucky to have you!

I will never be tired of loving you. Today, I wish you have the brightest and most colorful celebration of your birthday. I love you!

I have always been the princess to the greatest king.

On your birthday, may happiness and peace be your gift. May you always be led to things that make you smile. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

Baby, on your birthday, I pray that you get whatever your heart desires. May this special day of yours bring with it God’s blessings and love into your life. Have a wonderful birthday, my love.

Ask me for a special birthday gift and you will have it! But don’t ask for a car, I can’t afford it yet. Happy Birthday, my lady.

My prayer for you this day is that you will live long… Well, not as long as Methuselah or you won’t have teeth to chew meat again. Happy Birthday, Sweet.

How old are you today my love? Don’t worry, I know the answer – it’s +1

Please… let’s not go to the cinema on this special day, you are the only movie I want to watch all day long. Happy Birthday, My Finest.

Let me make sure you have a birthday full of crazy love, special fun and wonderful surprises (if you know what I mean).

May your birthday be filled with love, laughter, joy and surprises, and may I be the one to give it to you.

You deserve to be happy every day, especially on your birthday. Let’s celebrate like there’s no tomorrow. Happy birthday, darling!

You may be chronologically older than yesterday, but you get younger in my eyes every day. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday, my pretty flower. You’re what blooms in a lush, beautiful garden where only true love can grow!

Happy birthday! You are the sunshine in my life, each second of every hour, day in and day out, and the sunshine of my love all night!

Happy birthday to the girl who fills my world with all the love I need. That's you, silly. I love you.

Hoping your birthday is as awesomely beautiful, captivating and unique as you are! I love you so much! Happy birthday!

Wishing the best of everything because you’re the best. I love you. Happy birthday, sweetie!

Happy birthday. You bring more than a smile to my face. You bring endless beauty and love to my life. I love you.

I have never met a person as lovely as you are. Today, you are the loveliest of all. Happy birthday. I love you.

Happy birthday. With you in my life, it's incredibly easy to live life to the fullest. You complete me. I love you.

You're my girl, my love, my life. I'm going to make every second of your birthday the time of your life. Happy birthday, baby!

Happy birthday. May your special day be as bright and breezy as your smile and as uniquely beautiful as you are.

Happy birthday. I love every moment we spend together. It's been the adventure of a lifetime. I hope it never ends. I love you.

Happy birthday! You're my special girl. From morning to night, I will make your special day as exciting and beautiful as you!

Happy birthday to sweetest sweetie of all! You're a dream come true for me. I never want to be without you.

May your birthday be as truly, madly and deeply special as you're to me, sweetheart.

My sweetheart, I want to let you know that I will always be together with you because you are everything for me. I will be a perfect man for you. Today I wish you perfect birthday!

I’m so happy to have a girlfriend who is beautiful, smart and so perfectly knows me. On this day I wish you happiness, love and fantastic time, because everything you need the most is near you – it’s me 😉 Happy birthday, sweetheart!

You are the most loving girlfriend. I really appreciate your love and devotion. Congratulate you with birthday and wish you always be the best girl in this planet!

My amazing girl, thank you for all the good moments you brought into my life. You are not only beautiful, but also so charming and sweet. Hope your birthday will be full of the sweetest cakes and chocolates. Happy birthday!

I send the most loving wishes to my sweet girlfriend that makes my life so bright and colorful! You are in my heart, in my soul and in my mind.

Keep calm and happy birthday to the sweetest girl ever. Now it’s your time to do everything that you like the most. Don’t miss this opportunity. Happy b-day, sweetheart!

Every day with you is one big celebration, so let this birthday be much better celebration. I’ll show how you should feel on this day. Congratulations, my love. Happy birthday!

The most beautiful wild flowers are for my wild girlfriend. Always be so crazy and unpredictable. I love you so much. Happy birthday!

I have never thought that I can love someone so much. But it was before I met you. Love you, my darling, and the biggest congratulations on your special day!

The greatest birthday congratulations to the most adorable girl. On this day I want to say only two things: first, I love you, and the second, I will always love you. You are the woman of my life. Happy birthday, babe!

I’m so happy that I met you that day. You changed my life at 360 degrees. You are perfect, my dear. Hope your birthday will be perfect too. Happy sweet birthday!

My beautiful flower, I need to see you happy and blooming on this day. You are full of colors that brighten up my life. Thank you. LOVE YOU.

I‘m so proud to call you mine, babe. You have stolen my heart, but there can be no other better feeling than that. I‘m totally yours and today I‘m ready to surprise you all the 24 hours. Happy birthday, my beauty and my love! Kisses!

Happy birthday to my wonderful girl, who brought so much love and happiness into my life. Every day with you is like a new start, new beginning of perfect tomorrow. I just adore you, babe. Wish you all the best today and forever. Congratulations!

It’s hard to find a gift that proves how happy I’m and how strong my love is. Thanks, babe, for everything because life with you is more beautiful and brighter. Hope this day will be special for you. Happy birthday!

Every time when I see you, I fall in love with you all over again. Happy birthday to my wonderful girlfriend!

On your special day, baby, I want to let you know that you are the most special girl that I have ever met in my entire life!

The best part of every day is being with you, baby. Hope this day won’t be an exception and I’ll be able to enjoy you. I promise you the best time and birthday celebration. You are my birthday girl. Congratulations, dear!

My life is you, love. I can’t imagine even only one day without you, because you are everything for me. Wish you the greatest birthday celebration and perfect year ahead. You must be Queen of happiness. Happy birthday, sweetie!

Your plump lips and big blue eyes fascinated me at first sight! On this warm day I congratulate you with your birthday and I hope that this year would be special.

Today is your day, so light up the candles and make the greatest wish! I believe that together we will make it come true!

Happy birthday to my better half. You are my girlfriend, love and the biggest happiness. I want my life to be full of yours. So, let me be the greatest gift of your birthday. Love you so much, babe. Congratulations!

Dear, thank you for giving me a chance to be the happiest man and to have the most amazing girlfriend. I already know, I will be yours forever, because there’s nothing better than you are. You are my love and happiness. Happy birthday, love!

My life was mess until you came into and changed it. It’s really the best gift for me. But…today is your birthday, dear, and I’m ready to surprise you in a way that you don’t expect. Wait for it and be ready! Happy and adventurous birthday! Love you.

I woke up on this day realizing that I have the most amazing girl on this planet. Today is your birthday, my sweetheart. I’ll make this day unique. I can’t calm down how happy I am. Happy birthday, love!

Babe, you deserve all the happiness today and for all year round. Today is a new beginning of your empty 365 days ahead. Let this start be special. Love you, my lovely girl. Happy birthday!

Roses are red. Violets are blue. Nothing will change. I love you. Happy birthday to the most beautiful girl. Kisses!

You are special and I’ll try to make your day super special. My sweet girl, you’ll never grow old in my heart. Love you. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, my sweetheart. On this beautiful day I need to kiss you, to hug you and to say I love you as never before. Promise you, today you’ll be my Princess. Love you to the moon and back or even much more. Congratulations!

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