You will continue to rise in wisdom and all the good things of life will come to you. Happy birthday little nephew.

You will continue to experience higher growth in wisdom. You are a blessing to the family. I wish you a happy birthday from your uncle.

Happy birthday, you shall continue to have all of life’s blessings as you grow higher. Amen. Happy Birthday dear nephew.

Words alone cannot describe how important you are to me dear nephew, have a blessed birthday and may all your desires be fulfilled today.

Your birthday will mark a turn of magical happenings for you. I wish you lots of fun. Have a beautiful day nephew.

Doing a great job at growing old. Happy Birthday nephew. Lots of love.

Little man, you are growing to be as fearless as your uncle. Have a hearty day my little tiger. Have fun as you celebrate another year of life.

Since you are my nephew, I have an obligation to love you and smother you with cute sayings to embarrass you. I love you.

I am glad I got to be part of your birthday my handsome boy. You may be getting older, but I am definitely wiser.

You are a bundle of energy who will brighten up many people. You are the best. Regards from your uncle.

Enjoy this special day. You will be surrounded by friends and family who love you. It will be the best day!

Happy Birthday little nephew, may the brightest star always shine in your path now for the rest of your life. Amen.

Happy Birthday nephew! When you are down, we will be here to take care of you, to pick you up. You are one of the best around. Let’s celebrate!

You can never let me down for you are the best there ever will be, have a hearty birthday my nephew, I love you so much!

I hope you have fun as you make memories on this your special day but most of all I hope you know I will always be here for you.

Have a lovely day my dearest cutest most adorably naughty nephew, you are growing taller and with that I hope more ambitions and clever ideas. I love you!

You are so warm in your heart and smiles lit your face. Happy birthday to you my beautiful nephew.

Have fun all you want, but not too much, you’re at a vulnerable age.

Laugh and smile all you want as long as you have teeth.

Happy birthday my dear, May all your baby teeth fall out so you can start eating steak like the big boys. Have a memorable one!

You are loved, you are appreciated and you will be punished if you don’t enjoy this day to the fullest. I love you my dear!

Live your life the best way you can because you will not live forever, Happy Birthday to my nephew who has many wonderful years ahead of him.

May your future be as bright as the sun; you exhibit the potentials of a great man. Therefore, the sky is your starting point. You are the best.

Life is full of good and bad moments, so I’ll relish every exciting moment such as my nephews birthday. Thanks for brightening my day.

Congratulation on successfully aging by a year, don’t forget that age attracts more expectations and responsibilities. I am happy for you.

Happy Birthday dear. You are such a little brat at times but it is quite endearing and cute. So much so that you will love the gift I got you. I know it. Enjoy!

It is only right that you are delighted today; it’s not an easy task to complete a 365 days cycle without being dead. You are a nephew with a son’s importance.

My precious nephew, remember, the older you get the more the monsters will be afraid of you. Sweet birthday surprises and a whole lot of candy, that’s my wish for you today!

If I could, I would bring you the skies for your birthday. Have a beautiful day.

My love for you exceeds measure. Wishing you a Have a beautiful day full of love. Enjoy!!

You are a person who has a golden heart. You will meet many who will try to take that from you. But never let that happen.

I know how much you love cake, at least until all your teeth fall off. Have a great day my awesome boy, enjoy your day sweetie.

Have a sweet day. You have the lucky position of being a nephew as you get to know other adults who love you and will want the best for you. Have a glorious birthday.

For every single day that you are alive, may you live to love, be loved and always be happy. Have a wonderful day.

Wishing you a bright birthday, as bright as your smile is. Have all the merry in the world handsome.

May this message be another reason for you to smile and may it let you know that you hold a special place in my heart. Have a beautiful celebration.

Happy Birthday dear. Today is a day to goof off, have wild adventures and enjoy everything life has to offer us. Enjoy this special day fully.

It’s only right that you enjoy your birthday to the fullest. Let nothing come between you and a thousand smiles.

Same face that frowns let it be lit up with smiles today. Have a very happy day.

Hey man. I pray you grow old and wise but stay young at heart. Have a great time today!

It’s a joy and a blessing to have you in this world nephew. Have a wonderful day.

Live to blow a thousand and one candles. Have a cute celebration.

As you grow into a man, may God grant you wisdom and light up your ways.

It’s only sad that I am reminded of how old I have become by how fast you have grown. Have a cute day dear.

May the heavens keep you safe for the remainder of your wonderful life. Have a Happy Day.

Feels like a nephew’s birthday from a thousand miles away. Spread the love!

Birthdays are meant to be celebrated. Have a blast son!

You are growing up fast; I am scared you might catch up with me. Best birthday wishes to you!

Wishing you a birthday that goes down as the best birthday ever! Have a blast dear.

Happy are those who know you as they know an angel. Wishing you an awesome birthday.

On this beautiful day, I want to wish my dearest nephew a fantastic birthday. May it bring with it, beautiful people and great memories.

It is true that you are my only nephew and that makes you even more special. I wish you many congratulations on your birthday as you continue to grow to become a good man.

I can’t imagine life without you, because you have become a reason, the biggest reason for that matter, for feeling this happy. Have a wonderful day.

This is from me to you motivated by love. Wishing you a have a magical day and a fruitful life ahead.

You will go through many events in your life. Some will be absolutely strange. You have a family who will make sense of everything. Let us party!

Hey Dear, congratulations on your maturity, strength and everything that brought you to this important phase of your life.

May your birthday bring a new world of adventures and joy. Congratulations!

Enjoy your wonderful birthday with a cheerful heart and a happy look. Congratulations!

Is there an uncle or aunt who has a nephew as special as mine? No, just myself. Have a nice day.

Whenever I look at you, my heart gets filled with joy, dear. You are very special to me.

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