Latest Brahma Kumari Shivani Quotes

Happiness is not dependent on physical objects.

Objects, possessions, gadgets are designed to give us comfort.

Happiness is our internal creation and can be created irrespective of external comforts.

The mistake happens only when God is forgotten.

Do not take revenge but change yourself.

If you always want to be with someone, then make a short distance from them.

God does not give us all that we like, God gives us everything that is good for us.

Do not give up if you get an opportunity to please someone, they are the angels who can give a grin on someone’s face.

Make only those thoughts in mind that you want to see happen, the thoughts are seeds and events are its fruits.

At the time when we are insulting someone, we are losing our respect.

Where there is pride, there is a feeling of insult.

All the storms do not come to bother your life, some come also to clean the path of your destiny.

There should be no such thing in our mind that makes us sad.

Anger can only hurt, no benefit.

Please forgive them, even if they ask for forgiveness or not, it is humanity.

The smiling face is never out of fashion, so always keep smiling.

A person with positive thinking is always happy and stress-free.

If your thinking is high and positive, then everyone will respect you.

Nobody Can Wipe Out Anybody’s Grief, But Everyone Can Erase Their Grief.

Your happiness is the biggest punishment for your enemy.

Positive thinking does not mean that we always expect that everything will be good, but to accept that what is happening is good.

If you have the ability to turn bad situations into good ones, then you are lucky.

Anger and anxiety make you tired most.

If you control it then your mind is your best friend, but if it controls you then it is your biggest enemy.

Whatever we give to others, it comes back to us. If we give a prayer to someone, then the prayer will come back.

Actually, what I am I inside no one else can know that.

A good person always sees the good of others.

Everything which this beautiful me creates today will be beautiful.

The experience of our life is gets created here not there.

Time in which we are living today is a time of uncertainty and unpredictability.

Life is a beautiful experience of sharing, caring, and cooperating with others.

If you start taking care of yourself your life will be a beautiful experience.

This entire terrain is uneven, and this is a situation in life. How we walk on it is our state of mind.

It is not that life is a rollercoaster. Situation coming in life are a rollercoaster.

As will be your state of mind, so will be your experience throughout the day.

Life is all about what you are creating, radiating, experiencing, and carrying forward.

What is there inside me, and what I live inside, is never known to others.

Relationship is not based on -What we do for each other, how we speak to each other. Relationship is based on How we think about each other.

The awesome relationship in the world is that, where a single smile and little forgiveness can turn the things back as it was before.

Relationship is not about Wanting. Relationship is about Giving.

You will never be happy if you are always worried about what others think about you.

The easiest way to a happy life is; instead to making others loose, make them win.

Stay so happily in life, that whenever someone sees you, he/she too become happy with it.

you must help those who only remembers you while their need, because they try to find the brightness while in darkness, and you are that brightness.

Let your thoughts be related to what to want in life. They are the seeds, and your dream is the fruit.

Don’t revenge, try changing yourself.

your mindset is responsible for all that you experience throughout the day.

The more we distance negativity, the more we get closer to happiness.

Always think before you speak, because before speaking, the words are under your control, but after speaking, you are under the control of those words.

Luckiest people are not those who got everything, but those who make good from whatever is available with them.

Becoming a good person in your sight, is better than being good at other’s sight.

Even if everyone is nice to us, we can never be happy, if our mind does not speak nicely to us.

I Don’t Wait For Time. Change Thoughts & Heal My Wounds.

Life will keep on, even when there’s no love in the relationship, but it can never connect the relationship.

Your happiness is the biggest punishment for your haters.

Positive thinking doesn’t mean to expect good things to happen.

When we doubt, it increases. when we believe, it increases too. And that depends on you, with whom you want to go with?

We loose our respect, when we insult others.

God don’t always give us all that we want. But he gives us something that is good for us.

Invest a little time and energy in Teaching your own mind to RELEASE THE EXPECTATIONS.

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