We appreciate all of your hard work in the past year. Wishing you a happy and relaxing birthday!

It’s a pleasure to work with you and to wish you a happy birthday.

With warm wishes for a very happy birthday and sincere thanks for your hard work throughout the year.

Happy birthday to a wonderful person who means so many different things to our company!”

We wish you an amazing year that ends with accomplishing all the great goals that you have set!

Birthday Greetings, mate! Do you know something? Everyone needs a supportive colleague, who understands them as no one else does... Thank god you have me!

At least this time don't offer us these quick street snacks... We want a full-fledged party! Also, Happy Birthday!

They say you should count your blessings on your birthday... I think it is time you realize how much of a blessing it is to have such a fabulous co-worker like me!

Happy Birthday, Handsome! Good looks, great skills, and what physique... No doubt you are the most popular employee in here!

Many Many Happy Returns of the Day to my partner in crime! Here's to many more working night ins and partying night outs!

Good morning, madam. We are pleased to inform you that you are cordially invited to attend a fabulous birthday party that is organized for you! Kindly grace the place with your presence, birthday girl.

It makes me really very happy that it is your birthday today! Let us just party like there's no tomorrow! After all, YOLO!

Happy Birthday in advance! I certainly didn't want to be late to wish an immensely punctual person like you. Better being safe!

Happy Birthday, Richie Rich! We are super excited whilst eagerly waiting for your lavish birthday bash!

If not for you, I wouldn't have stayed back here. And I'm being totally dishonest. Happy Birthday, bro! Have fun!

Hey, Partner! Happy Birthday to you! May you be blessed with more incentives, promotion and lots of money!

I wish you nothing but the best in life. Happy Birthday!

Hello! Many Many Happy Returns of the Day! Sending good wishes and prayers for your success in all walks of life.

More power to you and your intelligence! Happy Birthday!

I am super grateful to be working with the best of the best like you! Wishing you goodness always. Happy Birthday!

Hey! Here's wishing you a really exciting and fun-filled birthday! May all your dreams come true this year!

If selflessness had another name, it would certainly be yours. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

This birthday, may you receive whatever you ask for! Lots of blessings!

I am blessed to be working in such an esteemed firm, with people as amazing as you. Wishing you a Fabulous Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Kudos to your dedication... Trust me, it is going to take you places!

Warmest Birthday Greetings to the pillar of our firm, you!

Life just got a whole lot better since I got to know you! Happy Birthday!!

Your determination and focus are super inspiring! Happiest Birthday Wishes to our Inspiration!!

Happy Birthday!!!! I am clearly super excited and CANNOT wait to celebrate your birthday!

May you be blessed with health, wealth, happiness and success this birthday! I wish you well!

Happy Birthday to my very first friend at work! May you have a great day!

Having co-workers as amazing as you have always been tremendously awesome! Thank you so much! Happy Birthday!

You are honestly one of the most positive people I've ever met. Wishing you good health and success on your birthday!

Happy Birthday to a true blue all-rounder! You are extremely inspiring in more ways than one!

Thank you for always being there for me, be it in rain or shine! Many Many Happy Returns of the Day!

Good vibes create a good life. Sending you loads of them! Many Many Happy Returns of the Day!

Happy Birthday, sunshine! I'm not gonna lie... You are the reason I look forward to coming to work. Thank you for being such a pleasure!

You are one of those very few people in my life whose birthday I never forget. Happy Birthday to you, mate!

Your optimism is contagious; always stay the same! Happy Birthday!

Thank you for being my best pal! A very Happy Birthday to you!!

I have never seen anyone your age, this dedicated. I really admire you, junior. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

Work does not feel like work when you are surrounded by such fun people! Thank you for being such a delightful part of my work life. Happy Birthday!

Dreams become a reality when you work hard. And working hard gets easier when you have amazing coworkers! Happy Birthday!!

Dear colleague, I wish that you reach all your great dreams and never be afraid to take a chance that life might give you! Happy Birthday!

Let you have your personal driver, apartment, car and cottage. Wear shoes made from genuine crocodile leather and smoke only Cuban cigarettes. I wish you relaxation on the hot islands and tanned Brazilian ladies. Happy Birthday!

May bank accounts be proof of your brilliant mind. And may they always be bottomless! Happy Birthday!

The warmest wishes to a colleague who makes my work more rewarding and more fun! Happy Birthday!

You’re the boss today because it’s your birthday. Enjoy your special day! Happy Birthday!

So grateful for having you in our group! Wishing you the best for the upcoming years! Happy Birthday!

We wish you a life full of breathtaking adventures and special moments for the best colleague of all times! Happy Birthday!

Let them never leave you: intuition, insight, business struggle, foresight, the ability to predict the future, the skill of clearly planning your development, the talent to use failure as a springboard for future success.

Let all the efforts spent come back to you in the form of many times increased vital energy, active longevity, inexhaustible love of life, creative ideas and promising opportunities.

Let the scale of your profits impress even yourself. And of course, let all the good wishes so generously presented by today’s holiday be sure to come true.

I wish that our team will always be as united as now, your professional path – cloudless, your work – trouble-free, your life – easy, and your business – successful.

Today is a great occasion to confess that I really like sharing my days with you, my coworker. Your presence always makes all the work environment more cheerful and comfortable. Only the best wishes on your birthday!

Happy birthday to our optimistic and helpful colleague! We are so lucky to have such a fantastic person at our team. Wishing you all the best in life!

Happy birthday to an amazing colleague and a shining personality who brightens up our workdays!

May you create the most amazing memories on your special day, colleague!

You are the most fantastic colleague I could ever imagine! I wish you a fabulous and unforgettable birthday party, you deserve it!

I wish that your pockets never be empty and that any opportunities and all doors in the world are open to you. May the dizzying deeds of this day not knock you down!

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